We are creating new collaborations
We are creating new collaborations

For the farmers

Connecting the urban residents with those rural farmers, who are dedicated and produce sustainably, but unable to find their market.

For health

Connecting the health experts with the people, who want to live sustainably

and healthy.

For the people in need

Connecting the people who want to help others with those children and people in need living in Hungary, who starve every day.

MyFarm connects the dots.

It creates collaborations.

Making collaborations for a sustainable world

This is the mission of the MyFarm Farmer Foundation.

At the beginning, The Foundation identified 3 new cooperation programs, all of which are important steps towards sustainability.

The tiny community garden became a mission.

The MyFarm Farmer Foundation developed from the MyFarm Harta startup, which was the first online community garden in the country. MyFarm has been taking steps for sustainability from the beginning, while the garden has started small with the delivery of chemical-free vegetable baskets, the Foundation want to continue this by establishing sustainable collaborations.

The beginning

The MyFarm Farmer Foundation developed from the MyFarm Harta startup.
MyFarm Harta is a community garden, where you can subscribe for chemical-free vegetable baskets.
We realized during practice, that although there would be a huge demand for the sustainable crops, sustainable farming did not spread in our country due to either the lack of knowledge of the farmers or the magnitude of the risk.
The idea of this Foundation was basically to solve this practical problem, to help spread the chemical-free and local production.
This fund has expanded with further cooperation goals over time, so the mission of the MyFarm Farmer Foundation can be defined now that it wants to create new collaborations in order to achieve a sustainable world.

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There is indeed an undescribable difference between tasting a conventionally produced tomato and a chemical-free tomato.

BBC goodfood

It connects the tradition with the digitalization, and the rural quality with the residents of Budapest.

WONS magazine

The more is sometimes more.

The 3 main cooperation programs of MyFarm.

Cooperation for the farmers

More farmers program

Cooperation between rural quality and urban demand.

Our goal is to increase the number of sustainable, local, chemical-free farms in our country, in order to create new values in the cities and new livelihoods in the countryside.

The next milestone of the program until the end of 2022 is:

10 new MyFarm gardens

6 gardens opened.

Cooperation for health

More knowledge program

Cooperation of curiosity and the spreading of knowledge.

Our goal is to show how we can live in harmony with nature in the 21st century, and to set an example on how to live healthier and more sustainable nowadays.

The next milestone of the program until mid-2023 is:

Recipes, learning materials

15% ready.

Cooperation for the people in need

More chances program

Cooperation of those who want to help and the people in need.

Our goal is to reduce the number of starving children and and the number of people in need in Hungary and to show that healthy nutrition should not be a special privilege.

The next milestone of the program until the end of 2022 is:

Vegetables for the people in need

2500 kg donated.